Welcome to my lifestyle blog!

My name is Amanda, I’m a sophomore in college, and this is a blog about my sometimes extraordinary, yet completely ordinary life.  I believe every day is a new adventure, full of countless possibilities and opportunities (Cliche, I know. But it’s true!). I also believe that we tend to let life pass us by, taking the easy way out and avoiding risks at all costs.  All of us are guilty of this, including myself, but this year I made myself a promise. I promised to stop being a so-called “coaster” (As in “coasting through life”, not like a coaster for a glass. Easy mistake, I know.) and start being someone who really lives. I want to make each day unique, I want to make each day memorable, and most of all, I want to be inspired by the little things in life. In reality, you do only live once (or as the youth today say, “YOLO”), and I think we need to learn how to appreciate just how beautiful and precious life really is. I’m starting a journey toward a happier and healthier lifestyle, and this blog is the first stop on the long road ahead.  Feel free to join me as I document snippets from my daily life, from the food I’ve been eating (I’ve been really into kale lately), to how I cope with stress and anxiety (finals week was a rough one), I plan to disclose it all. This is a lifestyle blog about me. Some days it might be interesting, other days it might be weird, but regardless my goal is to make each day memorable.

Carpe diem, everyone.    carpediem*Image courtesy of thirdgarage.blogspot.com


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