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When it comes to healthier living, the hardest part for many people (myself included) is actually getting started. Changing your diet, your workout schedule, and your way of life in general can be difficult. The easiest way to get started is by taking baby steps, and by finding something or someone that inspires you to be healthier. The YouTube channel “Blogilates” ( provides both of these, and it is an amazing channel for those who are looking to take a small step in healthier living.

Cassey Ho, the creator of Blogilates, is an entrepreneur who created her own business revolving around fitness. She has her own Blog,, which is fantastic. On her blog, you can find links to all her YouTube videos, monthly calendars which tell you which workouts to do each day, healthy recipes, as well as before and after pictures of people who have participated in her fitness plans and have successfully lost weight. In addition, she has her own shop where she sells fitness apparel.

One aspect that makes her YouTube channel and blog so great is that they’re so interconnected. The calendars on her blog tell you what workouts you should do each day, and then you can find these easily on her YouTube channel. In addition, on her blog she lists her healthy recipes and provides her YouTube video which shows exactly how to make them.

Another reason why her YouTube channel is so great is because of her personality. Like I said earlier, trying to be healthy can be hard, but Cassey has an incredibly bubbly and encouraging personality which makes you feel like sticking with the workouts (even though they can be super difficult!). She looks like she genuinely has fun with her workouts and she makes each one unique and different, so the viewer never gets bored with her channel. Her recipes are also simple and easy to follow, and they are delicious. My favorite at the moment is her healthy pumpkin pie mud cake (

Her YouTube channel also divides all of her videos into specific playlists, so if you are looking for a specific type of workout or recipe, they are easy to find. For example, you can go to her ab workouts, leg workouts, beginner workouts, or her cheap clean eats videos. Everything is organized which makes her channel easy to navigate.

She has also created a great brand for herself using her YouTube channel. She has her signature “blogilates” logo in all of her videos (see the above photo), and the artwork in her thumbnails and banner are similar and are good reflections of her brand. All her thumbnails have bright colors, and big, bold fonts, which reflect her happy and strong personality, and make you want to click on the video.

Lastly, Cassey stays very connected with her viewers, which makes her YouTube channel even better. She consistently replies to comments on her videos and encourages discussions in the comments related to fitness and being healthy. She also asks her viewers in the comments what they want to see next, which shows that she cares about what the viewers want.

I strongly recommend Blogilates to anyone trying to get in shape. Her videos are great workouts (I did an extreme abs workout yesterday and I am REALLY SORE), but they make you feel good about yourself and they make you feel energized. So get your workout on!


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