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One of my favorite lifestyle websites to peruse when I’m bored is www.marthastewart.com because it has nearly all of my favorite things, all packed into one fantastic site. It has countless delicious recipes for all meals and all occasions, equipped with tantalizing pictures that are sure to make your mouth water. It also has tons of fun DIY tasks, from home décor, to jewelry and even pet toys. Basically, this is the type of website that you can get lost in for hours (and I definitely have), but it also provides you with information that is useful and easy to follow. Here are my favorite aspects of the website:


If you’re looking for quality recipes that produce great results, this website is the place to go. You can either browse through the different categories of recipes (Appetizers, Breakfast & Brunch, Salads, etc), or search with the search bar, but I guarantee you will find a recipe for whatever you are looking for.

food page

In addition, for each food dish there are multiple different recipes you can choose from, so there is an option that will suit anyone. The recipes all have simple directions, and some even have video tutorials, making them extremely easy to follow. I just made the 3 Ingredient Fettuccine Alfredo over spring break and it was absolutely delicious!


The DIY content on the website is also very creative and informative. There is DIY tasks for everything you can think of, and just browsing through them makes you want to complete them all! One of my favorite places to look is the “homekeeping multitaskers” section, which gives you simple household items and tells you a whole list of other ways to use them. For example, the simple toothpick can now be used to “Outline letters and designs on a cake before piping the icing. Clear the holes in a strainer or garlic press. Unclog the burners of a gas stove,” and more.

12 multitaskers


Another reason I love this website so much is because it has a simple and attractive design that is very image based and easy to navigate. The tabs at the top and the search bar make it quick and easy to find whatever you’re looking for. In addition, all of the recipes and DIY projects are organized by picture, which allows you to see what the finished product will actually look like before you attempt to make them. The appearance of the website is also nice because there is enough white space that it doesn’t appear too cluttered or overwhelming. Overall, the website provides a nice user experience.

diy home projects


The website is also very user driven and allows you to determine where you want the website to take you. For example, if you want to make something with spinach, then you can search spinach and you are posed with a variety of options. You can go to spinach dips, or spinach and vegetable pies, or even spinach juice recipes. I like that the website gives you the control to go where you want to go because it makes you feel like you’re creating the recipe/DIY project yourself. I also like that the social media icons are conveniently located on the page so that the content is easy to share with others.


If you’re looking for some great food inspiration or some creative project ideas than www.marthastewart.com is the place to go! But be warned that it is very easy to get sucked in and you might not come back out for hours!

Happy Browsing Everyone!


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